Create a New Revenue Stream Renting Out Your Trucks

Finding a commercial truck parking lot near you is no easy task. It's very costly and difficult to access because of limited availability or strict regulations to store your vans, trucks, tractors, or trailers. An excellent alternative is to rent out your vehicles to generate revenue and help cover transportation costs. With COOP, your business could earn up to $5,000 per month for each vehicle! And for your first rental, get double the earnings for your first week.*

Factors Affecting Fleet Parking Shortages

Secure truck parking is a challenge in today’s industry. The following are just a few factors that contribute to the shortage in commercial truck parking for rent:

  • Higher demand for shipping essential goods puts more drivers and trucks on the roads.
  • Driving restrictions limit drive time windows which limits parking availability.
  • Less semi truck parking nearby because the amount of equipment surpasses the number of open spots.

Discover a profitable opportunity and rent out your equipment with COOP if you are having trouble fulfilling these needs:

  • Monthly truck parking in your area
  • Overnight parking near you
  • Avoiding high semi truck parking prices
  • Finding short or long-term parking lots

Why rent with COOP?

Generate Revenue From Your Idle Fleet

Increase the Utilization of Your Vehicles

Pay Off Your Vehicle Loan Faster

Avoid Expensive Storage and Parking Costs

Popular vehicle types to rent out

Rent out your vehicles with confidence

$1M Liability Policy & Physical Damage Insurance

Dedicated Customer Support Team

24/7 Access Roadside Assistance

Transaction Ratings for Network Safety

Optional Vehicle Downtime Coverage