Create a New Revenue Stream Renting Out Your Trucks

Looking to sell or lease out your commercial vehicle? Rent them out instead and earn up to $5,000 per month for each vehicle with COOP! Our innovative platform makes it simple and safe to rent your vehicles to trusted businesses near you. And for a limited time, get double the earnings for your first week's transactions*.

How sharing your truck works

List your commercial vehicle

Create an account with our team for free. Add the idle van, truck, tractor, or trailer that your business would like to rent out.

Set your price & rules

Select the dates that your vehicle is available for other companies to rent. And, choose the daily rental rate you would like to earn.

Get your vehicle on the road

Approve a reservation request from one of the thousands of trusted businesses on the platform. Give them the keys to start their rental.

Sit back & earn

Make money and watch your earnings add up once your vehicle leaves your lot. All while your vehicle gets better utilization.

Selling vs. Renting with COOP

Generate revenue from your idle fleet

Increase the utilization of your vehicles

Avoid expensive storage and parking costs

Popular vehicle types to rent out

Rent out your vehicles with confidence

$1M liability policy & physical damage insurance

Dedicated customer support team

Optional vehicle downtime coverage

Transaction ratings for network safety

24/7 access roadside assistance

Connecting Businesses Across the U.S.

With the help of our user-friendly platform, thousands of businesses are using their commercial fleet to maximize profit. COOP provides a valuable alternative for those considering selling or leasing their used idle vans, trucks, tractors, or trailers.