Listing vehicles on COOP

Listing vehicles on COOP

Why wait any longer to generate extra revenue? If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, join COOP to rent out your available trucks, tractors, or trailers to trusted businesses in need of them.

Our user-friendly platform allows businesses to list their commercial vehicles for rent, manage their reservations intuitively, and review their earnings. There is no need to let your fleet sit idle, leverage the platform to improve your business’s bottom line. 

Sharp Transport Inc., one of the largest family-owned truckload carriers in Tennesee, is a great example of how COOP can reduce downtime and increase a business’s revenue. Sharp Transport generated $144,884 by listing their idle dry van trailers. Another success story is our featured business blog on Pyrotechnico, a full-service firework and special effects company, which were able to completely offset a vehicle's monthly lease payment in their first 15 days on the platform. 

To estimate your potential earnings on COOP, use our simple revenue calculator and see how much your idle vehicles can earn.

Listing your vehicles on COOP is easy. Register to create a free account. Before renting out your vehicles, you will need to provide a valid registration, your certificate of insurance (COI), and your active Department of Transportation number (DOT). 

Once your vehicles are listed on COOP, you’ll start receiving rental requests. You will see who is requesting the vehicle and get the chance to approve each request. Owners can trust their truck is in good hands with COOP’s careful vetting process in place. Plus, COOP transactions come with Ryder’s 24/7 roadside assistance, physical damage insurance, and a $1,000,000 liability policy.

COOP has made trucks easy to share. We connect fleet owners to trusted renters every day. Start earning today!

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