Listing vehicles on COOP

Listing vehicles on COOP

Why wait any longer to generate extra revenue? Joining COOP allows fleet owners to link with trusted businesses in need of commercial vehicles.

Our user-friendly platform allows businesses to list their vehicles, manage their transactions and review their earnings. Idle trucks no longer have to sit around for days. McChain Distribution Systems and Genesis Trucking are great examples of how COOP can increase a business’s revenue by thousands each month. McChain generated over $13,000 during a low season and Genesis Trucking has increased their revenue by $3,000 per month. To estimate your potential earnings on COOP, use our simple revenue calculator and see how much your idle vehicles can earn.

Listing your vehicles on COOP is an easy process. Create and account, provide details on your equipment and specify the dates they’re available. COOP will match you up with trusted businesses looking to rent vehicles like yours.

When a truck is listed on COOP, the owner can see who is requesting the vehicle, approve the request and send pick-up instructions. Pick-up locations should be easy to access and secure. Owners can trust their truck is in good hands with COOP’s careful vetting process in place. COOP transactions come with Ryder’s 24/7 roadside assistance, physical damage insurance, and a $1,000,000 liability policy.

COOP has made trucks easy to share. Fleet owners are connected to trusted renters and increasing their business revenue on a daily basis. Start earning today by visiting!

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