December 31, 2021
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Looking Back at 2021

Wow, what a year! We are proud to give your business the opportunities when it comes to sharing commercial vehicles. And, we have been improving all along the way. This year we have:

  • Opened in six new markets 
  • Launched 14 rounds of platform enhancements
  • Grown our team 4 times as large (just like the Grinch’s heart!) 
  • Given as many badges to Premium Owners and Premium Renters as twice the amount of primary interstates in the U.S. 
  • Spent enough hours on the phone last year to complete 7 new truck drivers’ Class A CDL trainings 

2021 Platform Enhancements

Like every year, we have taken great effort in 2021 to make sure you have a user-friendly experience each time you navigate the platform. That is why we have a development team working around the clock to make COOP your one-stop shop for all things commercial vehicle sharing. Here are some of the top features we released this year:

  • Premium Owner & Premium Renter Programs - We recognize our most trusted users who are dedicated to the platform and give them additional benefits and perks
  • A refreshed account layout - We have made it easier to manage your account, which includes the ability to view all your reservation details at a glance and better control your fleet.
  • A new Owner Dashboard - Taking into account all the important aspects that go into managing a fleet, we introduced a new dashboard that provides easy access to everything you need to manage your fleet and your earnings.
  • Vehicle Downtime Coverage - With COOP, we care about your bottom line earnings. That’s why we introduced Vehicle Downtime Coverage. If unexpected downtime occurs during a rental you can select this coverage, so you can keep your income steady while waiting on repairs.

Top Business Stories in 2021

Our users are what makes our platform great. We highlight companies for our Featured Business stories to capture their stories. Here are some of our most popular business features from this year:

Sharp Transport

Companies are always looking to optimize their operations. Even after 40 years in the industry, Sharp Transport found a major way to improve their business through COOP. In just 5 months, they were able to generate $144,844 by renting out their idle 53’ dry van trailers to other businesses.

Everglades Harvesting Inc.

Before COOP, finding extra specialized tractor capacity to meet the seasonal agricultural demand was nearly impossible for Everglades Harvesting Inc. This year’s manufacturing and leasing shortages put extra pressure on them to find the vehicles they needed and quickly. With COOP, they were able to easily rent 32 tractors long-term with the exact specifications they needed.

Champion Trailer Solutions

In 2021, more people were looking to invest in the transportation industry. Champion Trailer Solutions used the COOP platform to capitalize on the lucrative transportation market. After consulting with our team, the business’ capital went to dry 53’ foot dry vans that were then listed on COOP in a high-demand market. Within 24 hours, the vehicles were out on the road earning passive income.

It has been a pleasure helping our business partners. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

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