Getting Paid

What’s in the earnings breakdown?

The earnings breakdown includes all the revenue you’ve generated in a given rental reservation.

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How do I get paid when I rent out my vehicle?

Earnings are transferred to your bank account via secured direct deposit once your business confirms a vehicle has been returned.

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How much could my vehicle earn on its rental?

COOP offers great revenue opportunities for vehicle owners of up to $5,000 per month for each vehicle you list.

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What percentage of the rental will my business receive?

Your business keeps 70% (75% if you qualify as a Premium Owner) of the daily rental rate plus mileage and refrigeration unit hours if applicable.

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When will I receive my earnings?

For short-term rentals, Owners will receive a direct deposit within 15 days after the Renter has returned the vehicle. For rentals exceeding 30 days, you will receive a monthly payment for the vehicle’s rental rate.

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Help Center for frequently asked questions of Renters

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How to edit your account and profile.

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Help Center for claims and coverage frequently asked questions

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