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How can I apply for a DOT Number?

How can I apply for a DOT Number?

To register for an account, your business may need to provide an active US Department of Transportation number (DOT number) depending on the vehicles you want to rent with COOP.

How to check for a DOT Number

To find out if you have a DOT number, go to the FMCSA website and search your company by name. If you find it, return to the registration form and enter your DOT number to continue the Renter sign-up process. If it is inactive and you would like to reactivate it, find out how here.

How to apply for a USDOT Number

If you need to register for or do not have an active US DOT number, simply follow these steps to complete your COOP account setup.

1.    Apply for a DOT number at the FMCSA registration page

2.    Wait for an approval email from the FMCSA (Wait times will vary but could be as soon as 24 hours)

3.    Provide us with your new DOT number.

·  If you did not finish the COOP account registration form, click here to submit your DOT information and create an account.

· If you finished the COOP account registration form, please email your DOT information to your sales representative.

 Upon review, you will receive a notification from COOP with the next steps. 

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