How to set vehicle rate?

Adjust your vehicle’s rate by accessing your fleet management on the platform. Here you can adjust how much you charge Renters to use it per day. Consider setting a higher rate for a vehicle in high-demand, or a lower rate for a vehicle that isn’t seeing enough activity. 

  • In Account Management, go to your Manage Fleet tab
  • All your added vehicles are here, choose the one you’d like to set rate and click Manage Vehicle 
  • Under Vehicle Rates and Earnings, click the ‘Edit’ button to open up a dialogue box for rates. 
  • Drag up and down the slider to customize the daily rate
  • Mark the check box below to enable or disable an industry standard long-term discount. 

All listed vehicles default to our recommended rate, based on competitive rental rates in the area. Speak to our expert team anytime to ask about rates that may better suit a particular vehicle listing on the marketplace. 

See our blog post on How to Set Your Vehicle Rate for additional tips.

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