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Do COOP customers need to report International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)?

Businesses who transact on COOP are responsible for reporting fuel taxes when applicable. The International Fuel Tax Agreement also known as IFTA, is an arrangement among U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Taxes are paid on motor fuels, and IFTA allows commercial motor carriers to register in one state and have these tax assessments paid out to all participating areas according to their fair share.

In most cases, the Renter will be responsible for providing proper documentation of fuel receipts during a rental. Read our IFTA reporting process for Renters help center article for more information.

When to Report IFTA

All vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of greater than or equal to 26,001 lbs. with an Area of Operations that expands outside of their base jurisdiction. These vehicles will need to display an IRP plate and IFTA permit. When a vehicle has an IFTA decal, all miles and fuel must be accounted for regardless of the area of operations. Owners can download fuel receipts from past reservations for IFTA reporting if needed.

Some states impose an additional surtax and mileage taxes to any applicable Fuel Taxes.

Who is Exempt?

Customers using vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of less than 26,000 lbs. are typically not required to report fuel taxes.

Additionally, customers who report their own Fuel Taxes and provided COOP with the required documentation do not have to provide miles and fuel.

If you are not sure if you need to report fuel taxes, always ask for receipts after every time you buy fuel for a vehicle. We recommend uploading copies of these fuel receipts to the COOP platform during a rental for quicker and easier processing should IFTA reporting be required.

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