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How can I change my drivers' information?

If you need to add a driver, or change the information of a current driver in your account, you can do so simply through the platform. Follow these steps to add or change a driver: 

  • Go to Drivers, in your COOP Account
  • To add a new driver, click the Add New Driver button and fill out all required fields
  • To change a driver's information, click the three dots to the right side of a driver’s name and click ‘Edit’ 
  • You'll be able to revise their contact phone number and/or their license expiration date (Please note: If a driver's name, date of birth, license state, or license number was entered incorrectly and would like to update it, you'll need to create a new profile for that driver.)

Be sure to fill out all fields, and format the dates correctly. If you need to change who is set as your default driver, see our FAQ on how to change default drivers. Be sure to have information for any drivers and add them to reservations who are currently operating your rentals.

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