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How does vehicle pick up and drop off work?

Vehicle pick up and drop off are completed by uploading images of your vehicle to our platform, documenting the vehicle’s condition as well as mileage, applicable refrigeration hours and confirming once a vehicle has returned. Renters are expected to meet you at the designated location for the vehicle at the requested pick up time. Driver’s must present a valid license and reservation number. The Owner should make sure these are valid before giving the keys to the driver and completing the pick up process.

Please note: Photos must be provided before and after a rental for a damage claim to be reviewed.

Submitting pictures of each vehicle's pre- and post-rental condition is crucial in determining the responsible party when the unforeseen happens. In order to protect your business when damage does occur, we need pictures of each vehicle before and after each reservation.

Not only do pictures allow us to determine if damage occurred during rentals, but it allows us to do so more quickly. This will result in a smoother process and faster payout. We want to ensure you and the Renter have the best experience possible.

How to add pictures for rentals

An email and text message are sent 24 hours before each reservation and once a vehicle is dropped off. To upload before and after pictures, follow these steps:

For pick up:

  1. Click the link in the email to go to the reservation.
  2. Click the blue "Document Vehicle" button on the right. 
  3. Take pictures of all sides of the vehicle and the interior (when applicable).

For drop off:

  1. Click the link in the email to go to the reservation.
  2. If the vehicle has been dropped off, click the "Confirm Reservation Return" button.
  3. Click the blue "Document Vehicle" button on the right. 
  4. Take pictures of all sides of the vehicle, the interior (when applicable), and damage (if any) when returned.

You can also Log in to your account at any time and click the Reservations tab to see all upcoming and returned rentals. From there, you can click the blue “Document Vehicle” or “Confirm/Deny Return” link on the right to upload pictures.

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