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How should I use COOP’s user-to-user chat?

Several things can be solved by communicating directly with your rental partner. Here are a few of the best ways to use the user-to-user chat: 

As an Owner, you can chat with the Renter to:

  • State adjustments to your preferred pick-up or drop-off flow
  • Tell them how to operate, and care for, your vehicle
  • Provide customer service as needed for the Renter’s requests

As a Renter, you can chat with the Owner to: 

  • Ask where to find a certain item necessary to the truck’s operation
  • Ask how to use the refrigeration unit
  • Ask how best to manage an unexpected occurrence on the road

If you need additional assistance that cannot be solved by direct communication, such as reservation extension requests or billing documentation, you can find that in the Resolution Center.

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