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How to Add Vehicle Locations?

One of the first things you’ll do on account setup is stage a vehicle pick-up location for Renters, you can add new pick-up locations at any time. Whether you have a lockbox, or prefer to hand the keys off personally this is where they’ll go to get the vehicle. These are the steps you’ll need to add a new location:

  • In Account Management, go to your Pick-up Locations tab
  • Add a new pick-up location
  • Now you can add this as the primary pick-up location to each of your vehicles as you list them, or edit existing listings to include this location.

This way you can always keep your listings up to date, or have multiple pick-up locations so that your COOP profile is as flexible as your business. Now renters will be able to see if your vehicles are a good fit for them to pick-up at a glance.

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