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How to use COOP’s User-To-User chat?

While your business is using the COOP platform, communication is key. Within each reservation, you can begin a chat. You will also see a button to open your active user-to-user messages in the upper right.

You find it within each reservation: 

  • From your Account Management, go to your Reservations
  • Find the reservation that you’d like to start a chat with.
  • Select the “chat to Owner/Renter” button. Send a message to begin messaging the Owner or Renter

Once a chat is started, you can access it anytime:

  • Go to the user-to-user chat directly, which you can also find in the upper right menu options at any time
  • Find the chat in the left sidebar. Alternatively, enter the reservation hash or the name of the company in the upper left to filter your active messages.
  • Continue messaging the Owner or Renter that you previously started a chat with

If you need additional assistance that cannot be solved by direct communication, such as reservation extension requests or billing documentation, you can find that in the Resolution Center.

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