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What additional features should I include on my listing?

Include additional features on your vehicle’s listing to make it more attractive to prospective renters. Add features when you list the vehicle, or edit them by contacting our team. To give renters the full picture, add the following additional features to your listing:

  • Intrastate or out of state, there’s an option at the bottom of your manage vehicle page to let renters know how far you want your vehicle to go
  • Etracks, a great feature to offer so that renters with delicate loads know your vehicle can keep them secure.
  • Lift gate, many renters ask for this feature so they can lift pallets and load easily.
  • Sleeper accommodations, let them know the kind of beds that are available in your sleeper for driver comfort
  • No Smoking/No Pets, these are good notes to include for renters that have health concerns and for your own peace of mind
  • Over the road tractor features, quality investments you’ve made into your tractor like APU, EPU, microwaves, and even power inverters to plug in microwaves/refrigerators are worthwhile additions to your listing.
  • Other quality of life features, things like cruise control, AM/FM radio, power steering are all worth including on your listing.

Upgrading features is a great way to make your listing more competitive on the market. Just remember to keep updated with the latest information of what features your vehicle offers and how you want your vehicle to be used.

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