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What is a Premium Renter?

With our Premium Renter program we recognize and celebrate our top-rated and most experienced Renters on COOP and provide them with additional benefits. 

To become a Premium Renter, a business must have: 

  • Accrue 300+ rental days last year. Premium Renters are more familiar with the platform, and our team, than most because of their experience over the course of these rental days 
  • Complete 5+ transactions last year.  Premium Renters must have more experience than most Renters on our commercial truck sharing platform, they have a proven good record over several rentals. 
  • Receive 3.75+  Star Rating. Having a proven good record over several reservations is a key component of our Premium Renters. 
  • Have >98% of rental days without incident. Accidents happen, but for the most part your drivers should be able to recognize and avoid issues before they happen. 
  • Drop off >90% of vehicles on-time. It is important that our Premium Renters are reliable with their drop-off times on reservations. 

Why rent out your vehicles from a Premium Renter? When you see that special badge you have the opportunity to generate revenue through a Renter with a proven record for good communication, knowledge of the platform, and an overall reliable rental experience.

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