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What is a Premium Owner?

What is a Premium Owner?

With our Premium Owner program we recognize and celebrate our top-rated and most experienced Owners on COOP and provide them with additional benefits

To become a Premium Owner, a business must have:

  • Receive 4+ average star rating.  Renters that have rented these Owner’s vehicles had positive experiences and rated them highly consistently. This shows that an Owner has a proven record of providing reliable vehicles that are in good condition, and that they facilitate a smooth rental experience. 
  • Have 5+ available vehicles. Owners must have several vehicles listed and available on the platform. This way, Renters know they can rely on quality rental vehicles time-and-again. 
  • Complete 10+ rentals. Premium Owners must have more experience than most Owners on our commercial truck sharing platform, they have a proven good record over several rentals.

Why rent from a Premium Owner? When you see that special badge you have the opportunity to rent from an Owner with a proven record for high-quality vehicles, good communication, and an overall smooth rental experience.

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