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Why was a hold placed on my credit card when I requested to reserve a vehicle or extend a reservation?

When you submit a new rental request or ask to extend an active reservation, and you are paying with a credit card, a hold in the amount of 50 cents is placed on your card to confirm that the credit card on file can be transacted with and there was no mistake in the entry of the information provided for the reservation or extension. If for any reason the card fails, the backup card on file will be charged. If the backup card fails, the reservation will be canceled and the Renter and Owner of the vehicle/s will be notified that the reservation is canceled via email. This hold process streamlines the reservation process and results in more requests being approved by Owners.

When the Owner approves your reservation or extension, the full amount of the reservation will be charged to your credit card. A reservation confirmation email will be sent.

If a hold was placed for a security deposit on your reservation, it will be released upon successful return of your rental. Depending on the processing time of your credit card company, it may take 3-7 business days for the amount to reflect on your account.

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