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Who is responsible for tires when the tread becomes too low, and is no longer within DOT standards?

The replacement of tires due to the normal operation of a vehicle falls under routine maintenance. This includes tread depth wear to be within DOT standards. Routine maintenance required during an active rental should be immediately reported to the vehicle Owner for assistance. The user-to-user chat feature on the reservations page of your COOP account may be used to communicate directly with the Owner.

Owners are responsible for arranging routine maintenance, as needed, directly with the service providers of their choice. Owners will be responsible for issuing payments for these repairs to their vendors. Failure to provide routine maintenance as needed may result in the early termination of reservation contracts, and the Owner will assume all responsibility for the return of the vehicle.

Please note: Roadside Assistance should not be used to report low tread depth during an active reservation, as this should be observed during pre-trip inspections before there is a need for a service call on the road. Should low tread not be reported or overlooked during a pre-trip inspection which results in a need for Roadside Assistance, this cost will become the Renter's responsibility. Tire costs for units returned to the Owner with low tread at the end of the reservation are not reimbursable, as low tread is considered routine maintenance.

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