What happens if my vehicle breaks down?

In the event the vehicle breaks down during a rental, the Renter must call our 24/7 Roadside Assistance at 877-747-5352 to report the incident.  Our Customer Support team will notify you of any reported breakdowns and provide service to the renter if needed. If your vehicle breaks down, you can call and our trusted network of authorized vendors will service your vehicle. 

Depending on the nature of the breakdown, you may need to provide authorization for repairs and/or choose a service provider. Be available, ultimately each decision about what happens to your vehicle is up to you. 

Costs for Roadside assistance service will fall on either the Renter or the Owner depending on who was responsible for the incident. Owners are responsible for costs associated with a vehicle that did not keep up a preventative maintenance schedule. Renters pay for costs of most breakdowns, as it is their responsibility and that of the driver to treat the vehicle well.  

With expansive locations throughout the country, our authorized vendors can get your vehicle back on the road or towed as necessary. Be confident that your vehicle is in good hands with COOP.

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